Software Development

At KarunCan, we offer futuristic and responsive website design services, which are built with keeping in mind the aesthetics as well as cater to the usability aspect of the website. Our creative team of web designers is closely knitted with the web development team and work together to effectively and efficiently provide extraordinary design for your website. Our polished website design services can offer your visitors the best possible user experience along with guaranteed desirable results. If you are looking for unique web design or are aiming for a performance-optimized responsive web design, KarunCan is a one stop shop to help you meet your expectations. We provide diverse services for web applications and mobile applications.


Due to the spread of pandemic Covid 19 and the fear of contamination, electronic commerce or E-commerce gained unprecedented popularity for buying and selling products or services all along the world. Another reason for the rapid popularity of E-commerce is because it permits entrepreneurs to expand customer base across wider geographical regions, increase visibility through Search Engine Marketing and conduct business 24/7/365 - rationalize Marketing and Advertising costs, collect valuable customer data and more at a cheaper cost, compared to the traditional methods of doing business. In this trend of growing online financial transaction tools, their integration with the logistics companies, inventory control systems, online help desks having worldwide reach has made e-commerce a feasible and attractive proposition. In the nutshell this integration of financial and all the logistical management tools has made e-commerce a very convenient and cost effective way of trading of products and services. The revolutionary AI based decision support system of KarunCan makes it most desirable for this purpose.


When it comes to hosting, at KarunCan- we give a complete package, we design, develop and host it all in one place. You can sit back and focus on better aspects of your business and depend completely on the team of experts for your support. It is worthwhile to note that our dedicated server is in Canada only.