Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence services provided by KarunCan are designed to help you have a smooth evolution in your tech journeys. We have on-boarded various industry experts in order to help you strategize and augment third-party sources. KarunCan acts as a catalyst in your AI integration and extends valuable help in generating business for our clients.

AI consulting

KarunCan has an edge over AI services which majorly helps in smarter reinvention of tech and functionality. Further, we evaluate and polish the performance in order to produce better outcomes.

Chatbot & Customer Support Bot Development

KarunCan provides a wide range of A-grade AI service which helps in cost cutting by lowering your customer support operational costs while at the same time, increases customer satisfaction by providing constant support that functions round the clock.

Deep Neural Network Model Development & Deployment

We create, test and deploy comprehensive business models which are incorporated using Machine Learning in order to beat the competition by constantly learning and adapting to the daily trends.

Image processing

We at KarunCan provide NLP for Enterprises to leverage the ability to analyse text for performing Sentiment Analysis, Information Extraction, Intent recognition, and Text Categorization which helps in delivering personalized search results for chatbots and virtual assistants.

Big Data Analytics

Acknowledging the latest trends and tools in Data Sciences, KarunCan works towards enabling enterprises to churn through huge amounts of data and convert it into a meaningful set of information which generates higher revenue.


  • Improve customer and employee experiences: An increase in customer satisfaction has been reported by 99% of respondents as a result of using virtual agent technology. AI has proven to derive customer satisfaction along with addressing their requests while reducing effort.
  • Cost-Efficiency: As a matter of fact, subscription-based business model benefits by helping in managing costs as operational expenses which eventually avoids the burden to outlay large sums of capital.
  • Automation at scale: AI software development services saves time and huge bank by automating and optimizing everyday processes and routine operations. Above all, it helps in avoiding mistakes, bias and human errors.
  • Increased productivity: AI services help in enhancing business productivity and operational efficiency. It is designed to prevent production loss or insufficient product quality.
  • Better decision making: These services lead to faster decision making when it comes to business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies.