Software Assessment

Our aim with this service is to reduce the investment and increase productivity of the company. We undertake a complete study on the procedure involved in your business and verify if you have the right software tools to automate and accommodate the procedure. A complete examination of all software used, software process, to review compliance with specifications and standards. The KarunCan advantage is the stricter software protocols and efficient implementation and above anything else- the experience and broad based knowhow of financial and legal policies- for optimum automation of the business processes.

Manual work identification

We will also identify the manual working areas which can be automated. Reducing the manual working and intervention in the business process is the key to increased efficiency in the minimum time. Technically speaking the office automation process is a very broad term. Every office is at different stages of automation. KarunCan strongly recommends maximising the automation of office processes. It helps the company financially and also increases accuracy and promptness. This is a common denominator in every company that minimising the manual working leads to maximising the efficiency of the process and at KarunCan we earnestly believe in this dictum.

Vulnerability Assessment Services

This service helps to identify weaknesses and risks, find out software issues and get improvement suggestions. Identify security holes within an organization’s IT infrastructure, specifically related to cyber threats. KarunCan treats the IT infrastructure like an individual entity and handles the setup accordingly. While the threats and risks battle continue, a large part of augmentation is the plugging of security holes. Vulnerability assessment providers run a series of diagnostics on company devices, applications, and networks, and utilize this data to recommend areas for improvement based on urgency and scope.

Finally we provide a software assessment report for the company after compiling the entire research and assembling the study in a sophisticated manner after according dynamic weightage to each component.