Social Media Marketing

Social media is the key to business in today’s era. We live in a tech friendly age and hence, social media plays the most vital role in the blooming of any business. Channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others are extremely powerful ways to reach customers with valuable, engaging content and these platforms provide an engagement podium which acts as a catalyst to reach out to the audience. Using powerful social media strategies have so far proven to generate positive business impact for futuristic business and have provided a wider reach to the founders for their brand. However, it takes a well-defined strategy to truly make the most of these platforms. KarunCan can steer your organisation to organize brand, third-party, and user-generated content according to Social Selling topics such as brand discovery, client testimonials, and deal status. We also help you to create insight-only market watch channels to keep your teams up to date with industry and competitor activity. KarunCan facilitates your sales teams to create and share pertinent content, empowering them to build an image of expertise, engage prospects, and generate business opportunities on social media. Complete with lead tracking, market watch channels, and personal performance dashboards, KarunCan makes it easy for your sales teams to track and optimize the success of their Social Selling activity.

KarunCan brings to the table an elaborated experience, data-driven insights, and hands-on management to you in order to further an effective social media strategy that will enhance your business presence and lead your brand to success. KarunCan acknowledges the fact that Social media is continually evolving from a single marketing tool to a marketing intelligence source in which an enterprise can observe, analyze, and predict customer behavior. It is fast becoming overbearing for companies to strategically use social media for comparative advantage and evolving the performance. To the best of our information and knowledge as of now there is no comprehensive framework to guide the integration of social media with marketing strategies. KarunCan stakes pride in the fact that we have already successfully developed individual; enterprise based correlation between social media and marketing strategies.

To improve your sales by adapting to internet marketing you need to increase your visibility on the internet. KarunCan provides a dedicated internet marketing service to list your sites on the best pages of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The most suitable strategies are adopted based on the requirement as customized to the company's product and services. Advertisers are now more careful with advertising; mainly in anticipating the reaction of their customers and also they make every effort to avoid unanticipated blunders to prevent a viral customer backlash in networking sites.

Social media plays a hybrid role in the promotion mix. The relationship between the viewer, the social media and the advertising content is very fragile; it can snap anytime without notice. KarunCan is aware of this fact and devises the strategies and designs software accordingly. The internet marketing covers SEO, SEM, and SMM. KarunCan focuses on the targeted market by combining the best strategy to build your business over the internet; we show the results by drawing clear goals and tracking them continuously.

Site Analysis

Best strategy is adopted for promoting the site with a combination of contents, backlinks, video promotion, SMM etc. KarunCan predominantly considers the target audience and every aspect of the site is checked from the point of view of the target audience. Enriching the field of experience of the target audience is another main component of the KarunCan analysis. Website content is accordingly amended with special reference to make the website self-consistent. To achieve this end paid PPC ads are planned to bring in more niche customers.

Track Progress

Designing a good website or application is not the final goal of any web designer. Continuous development and maintenance of website is also important. For these purposes tracking the progress of website is the key. At KarunCan the site is analysed with the apt tools to track its performance and keep a watch on ROI. Not only this, we also implement AI supported unconventional algorithm on the tracked data for future development and maintenance of the website.