Meet the Founders

At Karuncan, we are guided by the vision and leadership of our founder, Scott Deeley, who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and innovation to our organization.

Scott Deeley

Founder and Chairperson

Scott Deeley brings a wealth of experience and extensive training in the Telco, Internet, networking, security, and VPN Tunnelling industries. His innovative thinking and "think outside the box" attitude have led to the creation of turnkey solutions and cost-saving concepts for our clients.

Professional Journey: Scott presently serves as the CEO at Desousa Canada. Previously, he spent 23 years as the president of Questzone, a company founded in 1999, offering innovative solutions in internet connectivity and web development for businesses. Questzones has expanded its product and service offerings to quickly respond to ever-changing market demands.

Scott's career also includes roles as Executive Vice President from January 2022 to April 2023 and as President in Sf Tech from March 2020 to January 2021.

At Karuncan, Scott's expertise and forward-thinking approach are instrumental in shaping our strategies and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Scott Deeley bring a dynamic blend of education, experience, and innovation to Karuncan, driving us to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business solutions. Their leadership and vision inspire our team to push boundaries and achieve excellence.

Our Vision

At KarunCan, our primary vision is to create tailor-made solutions to optimise the businesses with artificial intelligence and software solutions. We aspire to make your business holistic and tech friendly.

Our Mission

Help businesses to become paperless and reduce operational cost, by providing consultation services, software development and integration of Artificial Intelligence to optimize and simplify daily operations.

Core Values


One of our biggest strengths is that we are dedicated and just in our business approach. We operate with transparency and maintain a high level of ethics in managing our customer relationships. We consider the confidentiality of our clients' information as sacred.


Since the day we started our operation, we have always made it a point to abide by our commitment to provide timely, reliable and friendly customer service and support.


We take responsibility for our performance including the decision we make and actions we undertake. We believe that we owe it to our clients who repose their faith in us.


Working as a team sums up our core values. We have categorized teams under groups like comprising managers, IT professionals and customer service personnel for better service delivery. But, we consider ourselves under the single banner of KarunCan. The categorizations are for improved of the organization but we are aware and we give our customers the impression that they are dealing with KarunCan and not any individual employee.

Corporate Value

We keep a balanced outlook on innovation and development. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to minimize the threat posed to the environment and the global population by technological advancement and work in for social issues that are underdeveloped.